Prime Bundled Products

Take advantage of our Prime Bundles, and save on the most popular car care options for your vehicle. The following are available:


Prime Ultimate Titanium Plus (PUTP)

Includes 24 Hour Roadside, Tire and Wheel, Windshield and Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)


Prime Complete Titanium Plus (PCTP)

Includes 24 Hour Roadside, Tire and Wheel, Windshield, PDR, and Key/Remote Replacement


Prime Platinum Protection Plan (PPPP)

Include 24 Hour Roadside, Tire and Wheel with Cosmetic and Curb Impact Repair, PDR, Windshield and Optional Key/Remote Replacement

Included in all of our bundled products is 24 Hour Roadside assistance, which has the following additional benefits:

  • 24 Hour emergency towing service: Your vehicle may be towed to the destination of your choice.
  • 24 Hour emergency road service: You are covered for emergency road service throughout the U.S. Includes delivery of gasoline, water, oil or any supplies necessary to send you on your way. We pay for the delivery; you pay for the cost of the fluids or supplies.
  • 24 Hour flat tire assistance: We will change your flat tire with your good spare.
  • 24 Hour emergency battery assistance: All of our trucks are capable of jumpstarting your dead battery and tightening cables as needed.
  • 24 Hour lockout service: Whether you locked your keys in the car or your keys are lost or damaged, we will send out a locksmith to help you out.