Prime Appearance Protection

Our appearance products keeps your car looking as good as it was in the show room with the following products:



It is almost impossible to prevent your new car from eventually having a minor dent or ding. With Prime’s PDR program you are ultimately protected from occasional dent and dings. Protect your new car buying Experience today!

The PDR Program is designed to enhance your vehicle ownership experience. Whether you are leasing or buying you will enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing those irritating dents will be taken care of.

Using special tools and techniques developed by auto manufacturing teams, technicians are able to permanently remove door dings and minor dents. The process is seamless and will not harm a vehicles factory finish.

  • No paint required.
  • Permanent repair of minor dents and dings.
  • Won’t harm your vehicles factory finish.
  • Designed for the automotive community by auto manufacturing teams.
  • No hassle, easy-to-use.
  • Nationwide network.
  • Discounts travel benefits.

Wherever you are parked, you’ll enjoy the secure feeling of knowing you are protected by the Prime PDR Program.



Prime Paint protection protects your vehicle against acid rain, inclement weather elements, tree sap and bird droppings. Keep that beautiful showroom shine and you’ll enjoy added value at trade-in time.



Fabric requires care and protection especially when it is under constant use day-in and day-out. Prime protects against most foods stains like soda, coffee, mustard and ketchup, as well as ink and other playground dirt.

If left unprotected, leather and vinyl vehicle interior can also be damaged by harmful U.V. rays from the sun.